COVID-19 Restrictions

CSKT takes the coronavirus threat very seriously to protect our elders. Temporarily,CSKT has limited access to Tribal lands that require a recreational permit for entry. Only residents of the reservation with a current recreational permit may enter these lands.


Why are Tribal Recreation Lands closed to non-residents of the Reservation?

Answer: In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic,the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) decided to limit recreation to only residents of the Flathead Indian Reservation with a proper recreation permit. All other visitors are prohibited from accessing CSKT-owned lands for outdoor recreation and are encouraged to recreate close to their respective homes. This is in response to limit the COVID-19 spread and is intended to protect its members and all Reservation residents.


Is recreation on CSKT Lands open?

Answer: Yes, but only to residents of the Flathead Indian Reservation with a current CSKT recreation permit and activity stamps as needed.


Is camping allowed on CSKT Recreational

Lands or Blue Bay Campground?

Answer: In early July, the closure was amended to allow all residents of the Flathead Indian

Reservation to pursue camping activities on all CSKT-owned lands or

Blue Bay Campground. State Park campgrounds on Flathead Lake are open to camping by all persons.


Is fishing still allowed?

Answer: Fishing has not been prohibited but access to lakes, rivers and reservoirs has been restricted on tribally owned lands. Non-residents of the Reservation cannot access CSKT-owned lands and those lands may provide the only access to a waterbody. Waterbodies with publically owned, private or commercial access sites like Flathead Lake, with its numerous access points, would continue to provide fishing opportunities for all persons with a current

CSKT fishing license. Any waterbody completely encompassed by property owned by CSKT would not have fishing opportunities for non-residents of the Flathead Indian Reservation. Fishing access on Ninepipe, Pablo, and the Bison Range are controlled by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and fishing may be open to all persons.


Will access to CSKT recreational lands be opened again at some point? Answer: The CSKT Tribal Council will discuss the opening of CSKT recreational lands in the future. The public will be notified of changes.


If I would like a refund for a conservation or fishing permit, where do I request that?

Answer: Within 24 hours of purchase from the vendor or due to an error, a person may request from that vendor a refund. All other refund requests for refunds can be directed to the Tribes Natural Resources Department, Division of Fish,Wildlife, Recreation, Conservation, and they will be considered on a case by-case basis for any refunds. Contact is (406) 675-2700 or Rich Janssen, Department Head, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Where can I get more information?

Answer: Any updates or information can be found at

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