In 1989, the Tribes formed the Division of Water within the Natural Resources Department.  The purpose of the Division is to provide sound environmental stewardship to preserve, perpetuate, protect and enhance the Reservation’s resources and ecosystems for future generations.  Initially, the Division consisted of three programs:  Water Management, Water Administration/Rights and Safety of Dams/Roads.  The Water Management Program and the Water Administration/Rights had been functioning since 1981, but within a different departmental structure.  In the early 1990s the Geographic Information Systems Program was added to the Division to provide mapping and map analysis for the Department.  In early 2005 the Highway 93 Program was added to the Division to provide construction oversight on the highway 93 corridor construction. 

Mission Statement:“The general mission of the Division of Water is to provide technical and administrative support to protect and enhance the water resources and other resources on the Flathead Reservation for future generations.”